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Friday, June 10, 2011

Update 9, April 29

Greetings, SOG Followers (stroke of genius, that is)
         Highlights of the past week:
         Monday: Transfer to Laurel Hills Nursing Facility (took ALL DAY.........aaaaargh!)
        Tuesday:  Transfer to larger room with larger bed at Laurel Hills, because guess what?  He fell out of the one they had him in.  Oy vay.  It was low to the ground, though, with a mat next to it, just in case.  Somehow he managed to roll right out.  No damage, no ER. 
         Wed:  I got to meet Stu's therapists, and started to think maybe we'll actually make some progress.  My favorite is Tex, who actually grew up in New Jersey and Stu recognized instantly as a "lantzman" (fellow Jew).  His real name is something Yiddish that I can't remember that starts with a T-----how it ended up Tex is beyond me.  He does not look like a Tex.  I am hearing  "pupik", "farshtoonkeneh", "meshugeneh",......and a good bit of "kvetching" from Stu.  All kidding aside, I like the way the therapists are taking care of Stu-------I see intelligent touches like a special boot to keep his foot from turning out too far, and they are patient but persistent.
         Thurs.:  I met with the Family Nurse Practitioner I have chosen, to replace the M.D. that was assigned to Stu when we got back to G.P. (who never got in touch with me during the week and half we were at HH)   This man is the first one who has been frank with me about Stu's chances for complete recovery-----he would be surprised if that happened.  And he warned me that this is going to be a lo-o-o-ong haul.  That has been my own gut feeling for a while now, but still the tears welled up.  He was kind enough to say "You need to cry."  And then  "He will never be the husband you had."  Well, he's right.  And I will never be the same wife, either.  And maybe that's a good thing.   I can think of things about both of us that have needed changing for years!!   I appreciated his straightforward approach----and interestingly enough, he got on the phone and contacted Providence Rehab in Medford to see if Stu could be accepted there.  It's looking good----not this week, but possibly the week after.  He is all for doing everything that can be done for Stu, he just doesn't want to make promises.
       Friday:   I met with the caseworker to get paperwork in order for Medicare and Medicaid.  So far so good-----the expenses are being covered.  It's all very bureaucratic, and I am more tired from this than from a big baking day!  Sheesh.  But I'm getting through it.

I want to say a special thanks to all of you who have come to visit Stu, written in his journal, worried about how out-of-it he seemed.  For the first weeks I couldn't tell what was stroke and what was meds-----but it's getting clearer, and I've asked them to hold off on the narcotic that was being used, (with the NP's agreement).   It really helps to have other people looking in on him, I don't always pick up on everything, or understand what I'm seeing.  So, thank you!  Keep it up.  Keep praying.  Lord willing, you will see improvement, and actually get to have a conversation with him:-)

And I have to say what a remarkable experience I am having of help from God's people.  You know who you are.  From the unexpected checks to the neighbor(s) who drove down my driveway and assured me that they'd do whatever yardwork I needed, (and we'd talk about firewood down the line), to the many invitations to lunch and dinner.  You all make my load lighter.  I thank God for you!   I pray with joy for all of us, so blessed to be the family of God!

I'll keep ya posted

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