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Friday, June 10, 2011

Update 5, April 11

Found out this morning that the feeding tube will not be placed til tomorrow, due to scheduling issues.  But the Doctor was much more confident than he has been about that being the last hurdle before we're sent home.  Happy sigh.  Of course, we have to get past the slight possibility of complications from the surgery,  so I'm not counting my chickens quite yet.  But it's looking hopeful.  Today, the Physical Therapy team came in and worked hard with him, getting him sitting up on the side of the bed, and also using a lift to place him in a chair so he could sit up for about 45 minutes.  We had a sweetly domestic time of it, me reading all the cards and letters that have been pouring in (they completely line the windowsill at this point!), him making cryptic little comments in response.  He seemed to be impressed with the Physical Therapy ladies, too----"You ladies are remarkable!"  he commented "So determined!----But still so feminine!" 

I also enjoyed last night's short songfest from him.  He sang "I Can't Get No Satisfaction", and "Nobody Knows the Trouble I Seen"  Come on, so appropriate! And as we bedded down for the night (I stayed in his room last night)  I read Matthew 5 out loud for BOTH of us.  Stu nodded enthusiastically and said "So True!"   So heartening that the most vital part of our relationship is still intact.  What a blessing!

Anyway, Lord willing, we will be homeward bound by Wed. or Thurs.......... but I'll keep you posted.  I still have not made a decision about the rehab place he will go to.  I am now leaning towards Grants Pass, since it's where I will be living for at least a little longer (I would love to relocate to Medford or Jacksonville, but not sure  how that will play out yet.  Talking with his caseworker will give me more to go on-----that will be today or tomorrow, also.)

In the meantime, living this day with gratitude and passionate patience
Giant blessing to all of you!

From Portland


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