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Friday, June 10, 2011

Update 2, Tuesday, March 29

Greetings, All———

Thank you all so much for the outpouring of support and prayers.  It’s a cushion for my heart to ride this wave———-whew! 
I am getting all kinds of feedback on what happened to Stu, some of it erroneous———let’s straighten this out.  He had a severe stroke on Saturday morning.  I called 911 at about 7:45 am, as soon as I discovered him slumped in his chair, his left side obviously stricken.  The medics were here in minutes,  he was at Three Rivers in minutes,  Certainly help was at hand right away.  It was decided that he should be flown up to Portland for a procedure that would capture the clot and remove or dissolve it.  Unfortunately, by the time we arrived,  the cat scan up here revealed that his right brain had already been damaged enough that the procedure was  considered not effective enough to balance the risk, so they didn’t do it. 
I’m told that this facility is one of the best places in Oregon for stroke patients, so maybe that’s why we’re here.  They are watching him for signs of swelling or new bleeding——-so far, neither has happened.  As the doctor told me, it’s “an absence of bad news”.  I guess I’ll take what I can get:-)
There has been concern that we are isolated up here———-certainly our support system is in Grants Pass and Medford.  But the nurse this morning assured me that at present, visitors for Stu would do him more harm than good (something my intuition was already telling me.)   Matt and Becky were able to be with me over the weekend up here, and plan to come back this weekend.  Rachel and Jerome have been awesome, both on Saturday morning before we left, and as ambassadors, go-fers, stressful-phone call makers, etc. etc. My dear friend Nancy Mafrici drove up with clothing and belongings for me yesterday———-it was good to see her face!  Our friend and neighbor Rich Abblitt was able to visit twice while he was up here, and that has been a comfort as well.  And Josh and Jill Rudzeck have opened their home to me while I’m here.  It is safe and comfortable, they are amazing hosts!   They are unselfishly driving me back and forth from the hospital every day, providing food (better than mine, and that’s saying something!)   Jill has packed lunches for me that make me re-evaluate the meaning of hospitality:-)  And that’s saying something too!   They are an island of solace in a sea of unfamiliarity.  All in all, I feel loved, supported, strengthened, encouraged.   I am at peace in the storm.
It’s too early to give you any progress report.  The nurse assured me that he will likely be in the ICU through the weekend.  There will be more to report when he’s stabilized and moved to the floor.  Until then, it’s a watching and waiting game.  He does seem to know who he is, and some movement has returned to his left side.  There is reason for hope.  He’s pretty cranky when he gets “interfered with”, which is pretty often, so be praying for some heart-rest for him.  I am fighting a killer cold——-had it already on Saturday morning———I am doing my best to pace myself, limit phone calls (my voice is hamburger), and  rest thoroughly when I’m not here at the hospital.  Lots of water, too. 
I am getting my emails and enjoying them———thank every one of you who took the time to write a word of encouragement.  It helps. 
I’ll check in as I’m able.
In His Good Care


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