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Friday, June 10, 2011

Update 8, April 20

Greetings, Friends------
              Last time I wrote, I said that Stu was safely bedded down at Highland House.   Maybe not so much......on Sunday morning, 2 a.m., I got a call that he had fallen out of bed!  Aaaargh------they rushed him to Emergency.  Frankly, I wonder about that name------it seems to take a lo-o-o-o-ng time for anything to happen there.  (Lord willing, true emergencies get faster attention.  Stu had cuts on his face and now has a lovely purple eye, but otherwise was unharmed)  They did a ct scan and found no new damage.  Back to Highland House.......
           Then yesterday at about ten I get another call, the nurse concerned that he seems changed mentally, less able to communicate, and his breathing erratic.  Back to Emergency.  Aaaaargh.   Have I mentioned what happens when they send him there?------he gets much more alert, and pretty darn angry.  It's painful.  His joints hurt right now because they're getting no exercise,  and he's pretty sure that everyone around him is crazy and overreacting.   Oy vay.  He may have a point!-----the doctors could find nothing serious wrong with him, so.......back to Highland House. 
            Needless to say, all this disruption is not helping his therapy.  He is feeling hostile, and I'm guessing defeated.  He sleeps as much as he can------a double edged sword,  since on the one hand sleep is restorative, but too much sleep is a downward spiral.  Aaaaargh.   I am watching all this unfold, and feeling......helpless!     And that is the truth, ultimately I AM helpless.  I can not climb into his body and give him a boost.   None of us can.  Many of you have gone to visit him, and I'm praying that it registers for him how much people value him.   I personally have received SO MUCH encouragement and support, mental, emotional, physical, financial.......a thousand thousand thanks to all of you.  It all helps stem this tide, for me at least.   And as I was praying through the situation this morning, once again I was struck by the mystery of God's plan.   I thought about how Stu's life has always spoken to me, even in his stubbornness, and driven me straight into God's arms.  From some of the entries in the journal I left at Highland House, I believe this situation is affecting others in the same way.  Now isn't that an interesting development?   God is not done telling this story-------I think we all need to stand at attention and stay tuned!   Stu's illness is as much for us as for him!  Keep praying......keep the faith........share the verses that God is bringing to your mind during this time.   May he be lifted up and carried on the ocean of love that is washing over him.  May his own helplessness be to God's glory.

Much love and gratitude


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