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Friday, June 10, 2011

Update 7, April 15

as always, Lucas provides comic relief
Stu's watercolor of birds, with fresh daffodils on the side
Shayna holding her Zaydie's hand

Greetings All-----from Grants Pass, thank God!
             Stu is safely bedded down at Highland House Nursing and Rehabilitation.  I went to see him today after my first good night's sleep in many days (hospitals are NOT restful places------you knew that!)
             Now that he's in a less artificial environment, his impairment is more striking.  His speech is muffled.  His attention span is very short.  He sleeps more than anything.  At least he no longer has the nose feeding tube, and all the other tube-y attachments.  But he's really very sick.
            I sat quietly with him and wondered what to do with someone in this condition.  And it didn't take long for the answer to come--------I pulled out the journal I carry around in my purse, and I started to write.   I wrote about what it's like in his room:  the big drawing pad I brought from home, opened to a beautiful pen and ink sketch of birds, with blue background (his work, of course), the window I cracked open for fresh air, the tv I turned off:-)   I told him about the verse I read out loud to him from Romans 12, about the renewing of our minds.   I prayed in writing.  And if any of you wants to pay him a visit and do the same, I left the journal there.  You are welcome to read what 's already in there, some of it from the first days in Portland.  Please spend a few prayerful minutes with him,  write down your prayer for him, don't be dismayed that he may sleep through the whole visit.  I'm told that there are no set visiting hours.  I plan to be there at least once a day, but the times will vary.   He was able to say that today that he feels like the least of the least------and also that this illness is messy but somehow glorious (he really said that!)  He's in there-------the Holy Spirit is at work in him.    I hope some of you will want to be part of his healing.

Keeping the faith


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