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Friday, June 10, 2011

Update 10, May 5

Greetings All:
            Breaking News:  Stu is scheduled to be admitted at Providence Rehab tomorrow, Friday!   Be praying that he has the stamina for the therapy.  I've heard nothing but good things about their program!
             Grower's Market:  We are doing a one-time stand at the Market on Saturday, so lots of baking today and tomorrow.  I have a great team of helpers, thank God.  I felt a need to connect with all our customers at least once during all this, and will have a scrapbook and pictures, etc.  People love Stu, and I know some of them don't know about the stroke.
             Newspaper coverage:  The Daily Courier found out about our story, and will be putting an article in the paper today or tomorrow.  The photographer is coming over this morning.
             Mother's Day:  Matt and Becky are coming down from Eugene this weekend for Mother's Day!  And we found out this week that they are expecting a little girl!!!!!!   Joy upon joy!
             Houseguest:  On Sunday I welcomed Rachel Jacobson, from Ohio, at the airport.  What a blessing she has been this week, cooking wonderful meals and helping me in the bakery.   Her bright attitude of unselfishness is an amazing witness to me.  Hope some of you get to meet her on Saturday at the Market.   We had planned this visit long before the stroke-----just another example of God's  providence.

As always, thank you all for your beautiful support.  I am so humbled by the outpouring of love that has come our way.   I also think it's interesting the effect that Stu's disablement has had on many of our friends---------they are telling me that they are apprehensive about visiting, but then when they do, they are profoundly blessed, inspired, saddened, thoughtful.  A rich mix of godly emotions.    That has been my experience, also.  Even in his travail, Stu's life is speaking to us.  Maybe especially in his travail.   Maybe that's true for all of us.  "Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance......."  James 1:1   Kinda brings that verse to life, doesn't it?

I'll keep you posted......should be a telling week coming up!


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