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Friday, June 17, 2011

get your butt-whippin over the phone........

  (Got this email three weeks after the stroke from our friend Charles, an old friend who moved away many years ago.  Love his down-to earth approach!)    
"one-eyed" by Stu Mendelson

Hello Stu and Sue. My heart sunk when I heard the news of the stroke. I have been preparing myself the past few years for the fact that we are all getting older and my family friends and I will start to break down in health. There has been a lot of friends of mine battling illness. Just buried a friend in January because of cancer. Heart attacks, bypass, tumours are all weapons on the battlefield. "What the enemy has meant for evil God will use it for our GOOD! That is where the rubber meets the road. "Of myself I can do nothing right" but Christ that lives in me gives life and is a lamp unto my feet. I may not know tomorrow and what troubles it will bring but I know NOW where the truth is and the truth will set me free.

My heart sunk with the news because I was just thinking about Stu and I sitting in my car on a rainy Grants Pass day planning the Free Enterprise Fair. I always think of that place in my history every time I am moving forward into untried territory. I remember the passion that over came fear and the faith that over rode lack of ability. It always says " you can do all things with Christ who gives the strength.

I am wondering what is Jesus saying to stu now. Stu you always knew what Christ was saying to you even if you didn't always listen. I know from personal experience that when we get knocked to the ground we tend to listen even more intently. I have learned over the years that you can't know the end of the story by reading the forword.

My friend I know that you are on a journey and it is still playing out. I know from the short time we spent together and the times our paths crossed briefly that God has His hands on you and His will is plain. A broken and contrite heart He seeks to reveal Himself. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

Take advantage of the time you have now to, as I always say "get your butt whippin over the phone instead of in person". Translation - Let God correct you with the shield of Grace around you in this world instead of getting the rebuke as you stand naked before the Judgement seat.

Lord I pray for my brother Stu. You know his beginning and his end. You know his lying down and his rising up again. Lord I trust that if it is your will to raise him up to good health it is already done. If you have other plans we trust them also. We trust You and your higher perfect ways. We also trust that Sue will be comforted now in this time of great uncertainty. We pray for peace that surpasses all understanding to guard the hearts and minds of the whole family in Christ Jesus Name I pray.

I will continue to ask for miracles for I serve a God that provides nothing less. Much love for you guys. Charles and family

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