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Friday, June 10, 2011

Update 11, May 11

Greetings, All-----
               Stu was transferred to Providence Hospital on Friday.  He's in the Rehab Wing on the 3rd floor, rm. 13.  The staff is phenomenal-------I met with Dr. Branch yesterday, the supervising doctor, and have had reports from all his therapists except speech------I will try to touch base with her today.  There is also a clinical psychologist who has recovered from her own stroke.  She was very helpful yesterday with Stu.  One more psychologist will evaluate him today, a neurological specialist, to determine how much of his behavior is stroke related.  The nurses and cna's are wonderful and caring.  He is in good hands.

Monday was a very difficult day-----the first day of full-on therapy.  By the end of it, when I saw him, he was very angry and frustrated, and tending to lash out at whoever was around him.  It was a little scary for me-----I wondered what would happen if he remained in that condition, and whether he would resist treatment.  I talked it over with Dr. Branch yesterday-----he was very frank about their requirements, and basically said that if Stu doesn't respond well in the next few days, there's really no point in continuing.   I agree with him----and that's a scary thing.  No one wants to watch their loved one stay stuck in stroke limbo.  Ugh.  I know many of you are praying for Stu------pray now that he somehow recognizes this opportunity.  These folks can help him.  He just has to endure the discomfort of it.  It's up to him.   Statistically, the first two months after a stroke are the window of opportunity.   It's already been six weeks with very little improvement.  He still can't swallow, he has no volitional movement on his left side, he can barely sit up, his speech is often get the picture.   He would have to be in a long-term nursing home setting if this didn't work. 

We have some wonderful friends in Medford, and Stu has been getting some strong moral support, esp. yesterday.  I thank God for that, and for the friends in Grants Pass who visited while he was there.  Let's pray he turns the corner. 

On my end of things,  the weekend was a whirlwind, since there was not only the unexpected move to Providence, but also a one-time appearance at Grower's Market.  I have to brag on Rachel Jacobson (my visiting guest from Ohio.  She'll be here til next Wed,) and Tamara Carl, who has been helping me in my bakery for two years.  Those two girls pitched in with the baking during the week, cleaned up the mess,  and just generally worked like champions.  Got up early and helped me set up at the Market with the rest of my team, and then covered for me during the Market as I talked....and talked.....and talked!  with all those concerned customers.  It was a glorious day, and we sold out except for a few cookies.  I guess that front page article in Friday's paper didn't hurt.  And to add to the fun, Matt and Becky came down from Eugene for Mother's Day weekend.  We had a beautiful meal at Rachel and Jerome's home (thank you, Jerome, all three of us mothers enjoyed it immensely!)  The house was full on Saturday night, and my so was my heart.   Still is.   God is good to us.

I will keep you posted!


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