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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The new digs

Just drove home from Stu's new digs.  It took me the same amount of driving time as the regular trip to Laurel Hill, but what a different route!  The scenery as you travel from our house on Coutant Lane across to Fish Hatchery Road (where the new place is located) is all rural, and the farms and woods were a feast for the eye.  One long fence was draped with so much wisteria I thought it would keel over.  But, I digress........

The new place is called Crystal Waters.  The address there is 263 Felkner Rd. (off Fish Hatchery)   There are three sweet quiet ladies there, and another man who will be sharing Stu's room starting on Friday.  The room is huge, with a sliding glass door that leads out to a deck.  The deck looks out over banks of tall pines and other evergreens.  It's like being at a very deluxe cabin in the woods.  The owner seems to know her business, and I've heard good things about the place.  Tonight they are having chicken breast with organic basmati rice for dinner.  There are smoothies for breakfast every morning.  All this to say, it looks promising.

After the past year of unexpected twists in the road, though, I am holding my breath a little.  I think it will take a few weeks to feel confident about Stu settling in.  I know many of you pray for us----and that is a comfort.  Please continue to hold us up in prayer.  Because he is once again in a home setting, he can receive physical therapy again, so I do have hope that maybe he will rally.  We shall see.   Stay tuned!

ON the home front, I am doing my second annual Amazing May Barn/Art/Bakery sale at the home property this coming Saturday, May 5.   Hopefully this link will take you to the events page----not sure if you have to log in to facebook to see it or not.  Anyway, I will be baking up some of those legendary bagels, raspberry date bars, brownies, lemon bars, and marionberry streusel hearts.   I'll also be showing off some of Stu's art for sale in the old barn, plus an assortment of leather odds and ends from his leather shop and plenty of classic yard sale goodies.  Come by if you live close enough, it should be a lot of fun:-)   Lily here (pictured above) will show you around:-)

Finally, the work has started in the main house-----Jerome is in action again, ripping out old kitchen cabinets, scraping acoustic ceilings, (Thank You, Thank you, God!!!  How I have hated those ceilings!!!)  and pulling up old ratty carpet (see above thanks.....same story)   As you can see from the above picture, sometimes he gets some help from Rachel:-)  I can't wait to see how the place gets transformed!  And soon Lily and her brother and sister (and their mom and dad) will be my next door neighbors.  That's really something to be thankful for!

Until next time!


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