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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who Woulda Thunk it....?

Lately I've gotten several calls/comments from friends, wondering how I'm adjusting after the failure with the adult foster care home.  I can understand people thinking that this must have been a final blow.  But truly, I think the grief work I did last year was so effective, that this last little fiasco was simply confirmation.

Now that Stu has been back at Laurel Hill for a few weeks, I see a positive change in him.  He is accepting that this will be his context for healing.  These people who care for him 24/7 are his main support system.  That must be a humbling thing, to depend on people that you did not pick.  And to reconcile with the fact that it is a long term need.  When I think of the emotional mountains he's had to climb,  I have a new respect for his resilience------ and God's determination!    God is at work in him.  And he is slowly but surely being shaped as God intended.  That says a lot about God, I think----He works his will in even the most reluctant clay!  (Yes, I would call Stu's response to God's shaping reluctant----for most of his life! )  

So yesterday when I was visiting, I had to laugh.  Stu was sharing how he's entertaining the staff lately.  He makes up songs and sings them as they attend to him.  Yesterday he borrowed the tune from "I'm Getting Married in the Morning" (from "My Fair Lady")   His new words :"I'm getting up in my wheelchair in the morning......ding dong the food is gonna stink!.....but I'm gonna eat it (dum dum) I'm gonna eat it (dum) cause I know it's gonna keep me in the pink!"  What was priceless was the goofy look on his face------so Stu.  It's good to see his personality emerging out of all the trauma.

Meanwhile, I am busy working on re-inventing Studabaker's.  And investigating ways to publish my writing.  And keeping my newly beautiful property in shape.  It's all a little overwhelming at times-----but only if I look through the binoculars the wrong way (you know, through the big end so everything looks smaller.  Self-focus, in other words.  Or, as a wise friend calls it, "Navel-Gazing".  When I turn the binoculars around, there's a lot more promise.  

Hope to see you at my June 2 Open Bakery Day.   10 a.m to 3 p.m..  We will be convening in the Cottage Green (in front of my cottage), with a new Butterfly Garden, swingset and activities for the kids, and more parking available in the driveway.   You can still poke around the barn for interesting leather, art, and funky junk  finds,  walk through the cottage (it's a fun place), and smile at my new place for  the red-white-and blue van.   You might even want to enjoy your bagel there :-)  This time I get to toast bagels and spread cream cheese, too-----I've missed that!

Until next time!

Cloud dough will be one of the activites for the kids
Bagels waiting to be kettled, then baked.

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  1. Sue:

    I always look forward to your blogs. This latest blog made my heart glad! Through all the grief and pain for both you and Stu, there is emerging each personality -- intact. I love you both.

    Schvester East