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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Home again, home again.......

"Triune" (detail) by Stu Mendelson .  On display next weekend at the OWOW conference at Trail Christian Fellowship.   Among other works by both Stu and me.  Just sayin' :-)

Well, we tried.
Although the setting was beautiful and the food was good, Crystal Waters was just not where Stu belongs.
By Sunday, the owner, Lisa, and I could both see the handwriting on the wall.
You know, I usually feel at a loss to describe the reasons why.   I see the behavior in operation, the unquenchable neediness, the fretfulness, the insecurity.  I have my theories, of course.
 But as I walk this kinky, complicated path with Stu, the most striking thing about it is that, whether I understand the underlying psychology or not, it is a path he needs to walk.  And he needs, more than anything, my non judgemental company. And you know, I can do that.  And it does me good.

I'd like to say a word about the staff at Laurel Hill.  They've been walking through this saga with us, too, handling all the nitty gritty details of his daily care, lifting my burden----literally!   Yesterday,  as I walked into the facility I was greeted with a giant hug from Tracie, the social worker there, friendly smiles from every employee I saw, nods of sympathy and understanding about Stu.  These people have seen Stu at his worst,  seen me at my most broken, laughed with me, encouraged me.  They seem to know something about compassion.  Now, isn't that a nice thing to consider-----so much "news" about such places seems sinister.  After more than a year here, I feel blessed to have such an option.  Perhaps other facilities are less encouraging, I don't know.  God led us here, and as always, his tenderness with us is boundless.

As I left yesterday, I caught sight of Dan, the maintenance man there.  His most remarkable feature is his ever-present good humor.  He raised his hand in a friendly wave and remarked "It's good to have you back!  We love Stu, and we love to see your smiling face"

We are, to my surprise, home.

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