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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some words from Stu himself

Ran across these  writings and sketches by Stu that struck a chord for me.   I hope they do for you, too.

 "Through the clamor
       of this stormy life,

    Pervasive wretchedness,
          Oh, foolish, brutish strife......

                      From the thrash and
                             Beatings on this fife
         Comes the mellowing and
              Softening of my heart

Becoming I to my Lord Jesus
        His Bride, His wife."

And this:

"I have no depth of my self, Lord                                           
You are the deepest depth,
Of yourself abiding in my soul.
All my selfish Pride is as nothing and means nothing.
The meaning I find in me is You in Your pure holy meaning.
Nothing of pride itself can destroy or make of no effect
the relationship I have with Thee, Father."

These words of his comfort me.
If he wrote them at one time, he knows
these truths, even if they seem inaccessible to him
right now.  God knows him.  God is ministering to him,
even in his affliction.  Stu is, and has always been,

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