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Saturday, October 8, 2011

What a week!!!

On Monday, I posted about the anniversary of our vow renewal last year.  By that evening I was flat on my back in the bathroom we're remodeling, wishing I had remembered to step on that bottom rung of the ladder.  Oy vay!  I guess I broke the fall to some extent with my left hand, cuz that's what started swelling.  At first I was not too concerned----I could still wiggle all my fingers, and a friend who happened to come by checked it out and didn't think there were any broken bones.

The next day was an important meeting with Stu's Care Team-----we got down to brass tacks about a discharge date (Oct. 31 is the aim----we'll see if we can hit it)  They assured me that he will receive as much support and equipment as he needs, wheelchair, hoyer, shower chair, caregivers, compensation for supplies and transportation----and whatever else we need to take care of him.  I know he will be relieved to be at home.

  I also needed to find someone to lay the vinyl floor tiles in the bathroom for me,  on VERY SHORT NOTICE, since my wrist was out of commission.      The roll in shower we had ordered was scheduled to be installed on Thursday morning, but the floor needed to be in first.  Yikes!  I put out an S.O.S. on Facebook, and Lo and behold! got a lead on a retired flooring specialist.  I called him up and explained my predicament.  "When did you need it done?" he asked, just to clarify.  "It needs to be finished by Wednesday....."  I gulped.  There was a pause and then "You're kidding!"  "I know"  I said "it's pretty improbable, but I had to try"  "I'll be right over"  he said.  And not only did he come right over. but within five minutes of assessing the job, he was on his knees, scraping the floor!  "I guess he's gonna do it!"  I marveled.   As I hung out with him, watching his progress and assisting in my one-handed way,  I felt doubly blessed because he had so much wisdom to share.  We talked about God and prayer and making mistakes as we waited for floor leveler to dry.  I said to him as he was departing "You are just one more miracle in this story full of miracles"  And we both smiled, all the richer for the experience.  Later, when I asked how much I owed him, he brushed it off, saying "You've got enough troubles, you don't need to trouble yourself paying me". 

When I woke up on Thursday morning, my hand was still swollen despite diligent icing and a storebought splint.  I broke down and went to the ER to have it x rayed.  And guess what?  A small bone was indeed fractured.  Oy Vay!  I am typing carefully right now with a wrist-to-elbow splint, and will have it casted on Wednesday!  My first-ever cast!  Interesting timing, don't you think?  Esp. in view of the fact that our dear friend Moriah was arriving for a ten day visit this very day!.   Not sure what to make of it all, is what it is:-)    We are all still laughing as we work through each day's challenges----laughing, crying, praying, enduring, reminding each other of our hope in Christ, and rejoicing because we are his.  Jerome is in the cottage today, hanging the rest of the drywall,  finishing up the placement for the cool light fixtures I found on craigslist, stopping every so often to drink some sparkling ice water and compare notes on what matters----today it was end times, for some reason.  I love my son-in-law.  He is a mensch.  (look it up)  Please join me in praying for him as he balances his many resposibilities:  full-time job, husband and father, and main work force in this remodel.  I pray for competent extra hands to help him, and supernatural wisdom for us all. 

I'll keep you posted!


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