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Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's been happening........

Heavens, where do I start?
October was so crammed with miracles, I've lost count.
Oct. 3 was the anniversary of our vow renewal ceremony a year ago.   So this year, I "celebrated" by falling off a ladder while working on the bathroom remodel and breaking a bone in my wrist.  It's a stretch for even me to consider that a miracle----but as I think it over, it seems to have opened the door for all kinds of help.  Somehow, my left arm sporting a purple cast seemed to make my need for help obvious:-)  And help was abundant!

Our dear friend Moriah Yoho arrived on October 6 for a ten day visit, which was, of course, planned before my accident-----but the timing was interesting, don't you think?  Her companionship and assistance were such a comfort during that time.  I thank God for her!  She is a talented photographer, and took some amazing pictures during our time together.  Hope most of you got the picasa link I sent by email.  My computer skills are not strong enough to figure out how to share them here.  If you are not on my email list and would like to see them, contact me at vesuevius@gmail and I will share the links with you.

So, at the start of October, we had the bathroom framed, and the rest of the cottage was gutted, with only one electrical outlet in use.  In one short month we saw the roll-in marble shower installed, the concrete foundation for the additional room poured, the room framed, all the walls in the cottage mudded, taped, primed, textured and painted, the vinyl floor in the bathroom laid, all the electrical work finished, (My cool cobalt blue track lights are in place and  Right now we are waiting for a few clear days to get the roof done and the walls of the addition up and finished.  This weekend Jerome and his friend Jim are scheduled to put in the laminate flooring and hang doors.  Lord willing the bathroom will also get finished (the sink and toilet need to be installed)  Keep in mind that all this is being accomplished by volunteers in their spare time!  Huge thanks are due to Bernie Conrad and his friend Earl, who cheerfully showed up for a week to do all the painting prep work (the job I tried to start that led to my purple cast).  Bernie also found me a jewel of a painter who did a beautiful job with the interior walls.  

I also need to acknowledge the huge gift of time and expertise that has come to us through John Lingafelter, of Lingafelter Construction, who is helping us with the addition.  What a gifted contractor he is----watching him work is an inspiration!   

Tim Kasdorf is another professional who has graciously contributed time, materials,  and expertise to frame the bathroom and advise us on what kind of shower and fixtures to install.  His cheerful spirit is infectious----we are privileged to know him!

I have not even mentioned the work that Youth For Christ has done all during this month, outdoors.  I think that deserves a separate blog!  They are amazing young people-----one of them poked his head in to the bakery as he was leaving and thanked us for allowing him to help!  That just melts my heart.  

So, when I say miracles, imagine that they have names and faces:-)   God truly is building this house, and he is using willing servants to do it.  

And how is Stu, you ask?  I think that deserves a separate blog, too.  Stay tuned:-)

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