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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Vows

Today, October 3, is the one year anniversary of the day Stu and I renewed our vows.  The memory of the dear friends, the hugs in the receiving line, our children playing the music for the ceremony, the loving decorations and food, all warms my heart.  I have often remembered that day during this time and marveled at the perfect timing of it.  I think what we said to each other that day has even more significance in light of the past six months.  Here is what Stu said:

My Dearest Sue, My Faithful Wife,
         You and I have been through a remarkable journey together these past 35 years, a journey of discovery of the love of our Father, the one true God of all creation and His Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.
         I wish, in the presence of this company of people, to proclaim my commitment to continue this most miraculous journey, ever more deeply into the loving heart of God with you, Dear Sue, the best friend that I have ever known on this earth, the most faithful companion I have ever had.  We have shared such intimacy in His Holy Spirit!  I am devoted to finish the course God has set for us, Sue, my one and only true love, under God our Father. 

And here is what I replied: (with a hanky in my hand)

 My devoted husband,
        I am so grateful to have the opportunity to say to you, in the presence of this warm company, how very much I value you and our marriage.

     Stu, God blessed me beyond measure when he put us together.  This parnership has true chemistry!  I have learned SO MUCH about God's very nature------his mystery, his forgiveness, his paradox, his mercy----and I feel like we have just scratched the surface!

What we are doing here today is different from the wedding vows of a new couple-----for newlyweds, promises are made as they step into untried territory.  And that is a good thing, full of hope.

But Stu, you and I have been through the fire together.  We have sometimes wondered whether we would survive!  But by God's grace, we stand here today.  And that is a better thing, full of conviction.  We know by experience that God never fails, even when we do.

So, as we begin this new leg of our journey, I can promise you that I will keep depending on our Heavenly Father to guide and protect us.  I believe that out of that dependence comes profound respect for you as a man and myself as a woman.  We are made in His image.  May we become ever truer mirrors for each other, until all we see is Jesus.

Wow, as I review this, it seems almost prophetic.  Truly, we have just scratched the surface!  And truly, we are safe in God's very capable hands!  I'll be posting about progress with the remodel and plans to bring Stu home in the next few days.  Please keep us in prayer as I meet with the staff at Laurel Hill tomorrow to hammer out a discharge plan.   Depending on all things working together, we hope to bring him home by the end of this month.  From where I stand, that will be nothing short of a miracle!  But let's remember, this whole situation has been strewn with miracles from the beginning.  I'll be sharing about a couple of the most recent ones in my next blog.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Thank you Sue for sharing. You are an inspiration to many.