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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Walking in God's Territory

Hebrew Dove?? :-) By Stu Mendelson

I need to write this down before I forget how he put I took a day off from visiting Stu, but as I settled down to watch one of his favorite movies, "Spartacus" by Stanley Kubrick, I thought of him and how he might enjoy reviewing it----so I picked up the phone and gave him a call.  He was in good form, and welcomed the idea of me bringing the movie to share when I visit next, but what stands out for me is how he ended our conversation :   First he thanked me for calling, and remarked that a call is almost as good as a visit:-)  Then he shared "Oh, by the way, dear, I was reading Lamentations by Jeremiah in the Bible today.  It's as good as seeing you when I read the Bible." he said "I feel not as lonely, and like I'm at home when I read the Bible.  It's like walking in God's territory."   Oh, my.  Lump in my throat.  Prayer answered. 

Here, too, is a poem that he penned a few years ago.  I find it compelling still.

Stu Mendelson 
My Lord, my Creator,
          I put my trust in the path that is straight
                                           and of the right width.
Every tree that I pass bears fruit
                                    that pleases my soul.
The several kinds of birds that inhabit their branches
        sing to me,
            each its song of light.
The breezes that follow on my heels cause the leaves to flutter
          an herbal essence that calms,
         and as I kick up the dust and grit at my feet
                 I'm reminded that I am but a man,
                          a fashioned creature.

My Lord, my Creator,
      destine my steps to lie ever yearning to your Word,
                walking in eternal joy
                         onward, onward,
                               Your Face my destination.
How I long to see your love shining as a star
          from divine Eyes that will not turn away.
Let me keep my eyes fixed on You
      On whom my very peace and being depend.

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