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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wait mode

Got a note from a friend the other day letting me know that a situation she had hoped to get resolved is still in limbo after all.  "NO-O-O"  I wrote back "I hate when that happens!  Guess we're both in wait mode" referring to my own suspense about when Becky will go into labor with the newest grandchild!   (She was due on Saturday, fyi, and as of this writing has still not gone into official labor)

My friend emailed back "I HATE WAIT MODE!", and I have to laugh.  Don't we all!

Now, don't jump all over me for this, but I have to say something about this wait mode thing we all dislike so much.  I have found it to be a very enlightening place, when I finally stop screwing my eyes shut, and take my fingers out of my ears, and stop yelling "You can't do this to me!" about it.   Right now, there's a yellow light about quite a few things in my life-------the shop remodel, Stu's ability to come home, the new baby.  That's really just scratching the surface.  I could go on and on.   But before Stu had the stroke, back in February, I had an interesting conversation with God about things I don't like on my plate.  (I would consider "wait mode" one of them.  A big mess of brussels sprouts, staring me in the face)  "Lord" I said to him "I really don't like the way this stuff looks.  But you have brought it before me so many times, that I'm starting to think there's something there that you want me to digest.  Ugh.  Whenever I try to pass on it, You seem to bring it back again.  So this time I'm gonna take a bite.  And I can hear You telling me how important it is to chew every bite, and let it nourish me."  Well, friends, I have to tell you that I am very glad I took that bite.  And many more.  As I chewed, I began to see things a little differently.  Maybe a little more the way He looks at things.  And that prepared me for the coming storm.  The Stroke of Genius I've been chewing on since March 26.   I suppose it's another way of saying "Consider it all joy".   As I chew, I find that the most bitter-seeming circumstances become tonics for my soul, I find I can laugh freely and truly rejoice in all things.  God is a pretty good Father, I guess:-)   He knows what we need. 


  1. Amen, amen to all the above. (Though I do like brussel sprouts:)
    Isn't it wonderful to look back and see that He has gently and faithfully been working all things? So often I too want to move forward at a faster rate but I forget that so much is happening in the soul and spirit when the body is still.

  2. To love God right where we are, with exactly what he hands us -- that's the amazing miracle. We bow to him -- often after stomping our feet and yelling -- and find out the miracle is there in the thing we sooooooo rejected.
    I love seeing God walking you through all this. I love it!